Thursday, September 4, 2014

Saga Crescent & Cross

Could not resist this new Rule set.   Maybe I will play them.  The last time I tried it didn't turn out well with the group.  Some just didn't follow the rules.  The hope was a campaign.  But it never appeared.   Saga to me is an exciting game.  Because the out come is never the same.

On ebay I follow a set of awesome measuring sticks for Crescent & Cross.  I hurriedly hit the purchase button.  Yesterday they should up on my door step.  They are just amazing.  The detail is like art work. The company is called Krakenskulls.   These like I said earlier can be found on Ebay or my the online site listed in the picture.


  1. Indeed it's an awesome game. I don't get to play all that often but when I do I like more each time. That's a great find with those measure sticks.

  2. Kiwi glad that I could be of help. I have Mounted Templar's on my work bench

    Best Regards