Saturday, September 13, 2014

Shogun miniature metal bases

Found Shogun Miniature on the internet. The company makes steel movement trays, metal bases and magnetic bases.   We all struggle with moving our miniature around on the table during a battle.  I have created my bases using magnetic strap I found at Hobby Lobby.  These work fine with my 15mm troops.  But not as good as with my 25mm troops.

With the 25mm I been using Warhammer movement tray. These are great but troop keep falling out of the tray.  Shogun looking like the answer for Black powder era troop.  Why you say. Because they have been mounted.  I bought 40mm X 40mm MDF bases from Warbases in England.  As matter of fact I have a large order coming in the mail for my Saga troop and ancients. Here is the link to the company. The trays and bases are sold in inch or metric size.  How all I need to do is sit down and figured out what I need.

Shogun miniatures metal bases

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