Saturday, September 6, 2014

Terrible Storm and No power

Yesterday, here in Chesterfield Michigan I battered by a Terrible storm. The wind got up to 75 miles per hour.   The Lower Eastern part of the state has power problems.   Currently 365,000 people are out of power.   Not sure or when will the power will be back.  Had no choice to purchased a generator.  Otherwise my basement would be flooded.  Hand bailing the sump just doesn't work. 

There will be a delay on postings for a  few days..

storm in Michigan


  1. I did not realize we lived so close. Adrian for me.

  2. Chesterfield near Lake St Clair. When I was in the North-South skirmish Association we use to have a skirmish at the fall festival until it became a golf course.

  3. Good luck and hope your power is restored quickly otherwise it may be a food throw out.