Sunday, January 1, 2017

I hit 85k in views...

Last night some time I hit 85k in views on my blog.  This is after 5yrs plus of blogging.  Not very impressive by other blog standard.    This was my best year 35K in views.  Not many comments tomy posts.  Guess I will keep blogging for another year.    If anyone has suggestions to make my blog please post them.  Also many thanks to my 47 followers.

Happy New Year to all.



  1. Cracking blog, please keep at it. Happy new year.

  2. Link a few of your posts on TMP or other forums. ......I do it from time to time and it really boosted my followers

    You work is awesome, more people should see your stuff.


  3. Thank YOU for posting, I'm enjoying your blog.
    Something I have seen is gettingmore views is to have labels on your posts. If someone checks a post on subject A and find it interesting then it's a chance they will check the other posts with the same subject. Also have the labels in the right-hand column, so people can find new stuff.
    Cheers and a happy new year!