Tuesday, January 3, 2017

In time far far ago.. I was a 40K junkie.. But Dark Heresy Role play is awake the force in me.

About a million years ago I bought Only war when the book first came out.  The idea of role playing for 40k was something I do..   Way back I mean why.  Like when Rogue Trader first came out.  I belonged to a small group that liked playing it.

   Now I have Dark Heresy.   Slowly going through the rules.  It has got me inspired to play.  The problem is I need to know how the mechanics work.   During my daily search via google I found this.

RollPlay Dark Heresy you tube video...  Damn this is what I have been look for.  Well I going to share with you the video series...  Just maybe it will inspire another 40k junkie.  Oh by the way there are 54 videos in the series.   You have the first one....

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