Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Up coming Nuelandia Campaign using MWWBK rules

The campaign is starting to roll.   I have been trading insults with Maxillanio 1st over the land I intend to colonize.  The Kaiser has organized an expedition to explore the new continent. But has claimed all the land.  

As of late no word from the French, or Americans.   I hope it will be a fun fill adventure for all.  The Anton is also the game master.   He plan to add in some small scale actions and skulduggery.   Right now we are not sure if small actions rules with In Her Majesty's name or Antons  really simple shot out rules.    

Yesterday my Perry Natal Cavalry arrived.  Along with some Black Tree design Boers.  The Perry miniatures are more 25mm in size.  Currently all my troops are 28mm in size.   Not sure what I will do with them.  

My special ops group will be lead by Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.  

 and supported by these troops.

More to follow

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