Sunday, March 4, 2018

HMS Excellent Armor tug.

My buddy Anton loves odd warships.   When I saw this armor tug with a 9.2 inch gun.   Will I had to post.  Here is your next project Buddy.

The EXCELLENT seems to have been ordered into action off Westende during November, 1914 (armed with a 9.2" gun)
in bombardments of that area of the coast and again on March 11th 1915. Bacon, in "The Dover Patrol" has her,
 under Commander Edward McC. W. Lawrie, bombarding the Westende Batteries on 7th September, 1915.
 These activities are all covered in "Naval Operations".


    1. A truly bizarre vessel; one huge gun. You could have boarded and captured it with a couple of launches unless the crew were armed with cutlasses. It will be placed on the list (now I need to come up with a 28mm scale 9.2" cannon)


        This could work.

    2. I can't find a drawing of this vessel, where did you find that photo?