Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Saga V2 question

Can anyone tell about Saga V2.  Before I go out a spend a bunch of money again. So far I haven't found anyone in my area that plays Saga.   I got all the books which is a major investment sitting around as dust magnets.   Thank in advance.  Old Sarge


  1. I had a game at the club a couple of weeks ago and was instantly hooked. Heven't palyed v1, though, so I can't compare.
    Anyway, really fun set of rules, and I've invested in both the rules and a warband. These will be played as they seem to be rather popular at the club

  2. Thank you Joakim! You are the second gamer I have heard from that enjoys the latest version of Saga. Last week I ordered from Footsore USA the latest rule set. Hope you you post an AAR on your blog. Your reporting on 3d printing is great....

  3. AAR will probably come
    Glad you enjoy my ramblings about 3D-printing :-)