Sunday, July 21, 2013

Review of PSC Allied Stuart M5A1 tank

This is another home run for PSC.  Great little tank.  The only problem is there is so many wasted parts in this kit.  Basically you can build one complete Stuart. Then throw the rest of parts in the trash.  But if you can  create a new lower hull you could be in luck.  Could be possible to make  a British  tow vehicle, a Kangaroo, and Recce Stuart.   Another  problem for me was that the assembly instructions are printed inside of the box... Good thing I looked before throwing out the box. Attached the instructions for construction below. Now you will be able to see how to make the different variants.

 There are many more variants of the M5.    Check out this link.

Now for the images.


  1. Hi Gary if I were you I would contact PSC there should be enough to build 3 complete kits, they may have omitted a sprue. Their web site states 3 models per box.

  2. Hi Greg,
    These are the 15mm models. All one can really do is make the early model. The rear of the Stuart changed with each version. These are fairly large changes in the exhaust and air intake. The Stuart is an excellent.