Sunday, June 8, 2014

Project Leipzig buildings

Last weekend I was busy assembling buildings.  Most are 4ground laser cut MDF building.  Earlier in the year I won  an eBay auction for a church, two story painted building and a 4 story apartment building.   The Russian houses I purchased off the net from Noble Knight.   Noble Knight sometimes has some great sale.  Plus Dzur's eBay store, which has some greatly reduced price sales.

 The church itself took a couple of days to do.  Sections have to be glued and set over night before more pieces can be added.   Now I some building for the battle. The wooden Russian homes are not as easy. Mostly because of the next interior walls.  At one point I felt like a needed an octopus to hold all the side together.  At a later day I plan to make bases for the Russian homes.   Enjoy!

 Russian houses

 Medieval  house and block apartment
 Two story building

Mdf laser cut building are great.  Assembly quickly with very little headaches.  Next I have to assembly my paper buildings.   I hope there is enough time to finish them also.

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