Saturday, December 19, 2015

Scale struggle! What to keep and what to sell

 I'm most likely not the only one that has a problem with too many figure scales of figures.   My ancients are all 25/28mm.   Napoleon period is 15mm & 25/28mm.   The problem is my WW2.  I into all three scales.   Started in WW2 in 72nd/20mm scale.  But got sucked into 28mm Bolt action.  After which my son and I got sucked into Flames or war.    My 15mm collection is now huge IDF, WW2 and now cold war.   With that 20mm is pretty big also.   The problem is not too many folks I know play WW2 in 28mm...  Now what to do?   Need thin  the herd so to speak.

Many people that read this have the same problem?   Would like some input.

Just saw some great miniature and accessories on the early war miniature site..   Damn them these are all 20mm items.

These are for the Armourfast models.   Just what I need is more headaches,,,,

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  1. My ww2 are single based 20mm also. As a general rule I am trying to avoid starting and 28mm projects, as I find that the ancillary costs are prohibitive (like terrain size and lack of tactical maneuver room on the table) to gain slightly larger figures. I chose 20mm to support the FLGS, if not I would have done 15mm.
    Joe from saturday group