Sunday, March 13, 2016

Battle front Jagdpanthers and conversion to early models

 I bought some of  battlefronts new Panther/jagdpanther  sets.   I was really surprised how nice they are. Plus being all plastic make the model open for conversions.   Having left over hulls from my PSC Panthers I noticed the rear deck might fit on the new Battle Front models.   It worked with some careful trim and cutting.  The deck plate was grafted on. Next was to sand the barrel down for the early model.   The conversion didn't take long time wise.  But I have a nice additional to German forces.

My early Jagdpanther with new deck from the PSC Panther.

Another view of the rear deck,  Added 3mm dia round hatch for the spent shells.
 Also added the early type exhaust from  PSC kit
Top view that shows the deck and position of the cleaning tube

 Reworked the 88mm barrel to the early type used in the first production Jagdpanther

 In this picture I reversed installed the exhaust, This way I could install the PSC exhaust stacks
 Picture of the rear with modification for the exhaust stacks
 The sinks marks in the side shirts are deep.  I punched out 3mm dia disks

 Finished kit out of the box. This is the late models.

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