Monday, May 7, 2018

Inspiration for Saga Player

This is from the saga facebook page.
I decited to post some Links, images and references for people who plan to paint or assemle Baltic tribes facction ( looking at you Conor ) when new minis roll out.
now sadly some of the links are in Lithuanian or latvian so you will have to use google translate to translate individual sentences or whole page.
Baltic Vikings reenactors that do sea faring Curonian Tribe
Vilkatlakai provides general balttic tribes info from ancient times till late middle ages, Viking age and baltic crusade aswell.( will need translation)
Leitgirtis Lithuanian reeactors 12/13th century
Viking/Lithuanian Reeactment group, i was part of it for a short while…/
Lithuanian documentary abour weaponry ( though only first bit apply to our period)
Latvian documentary movie about their tribes
Some musical inspiration:
will edit more later, pics are from random websites ,above included. everything that i posted was sent to gripping beast for inspiration for baltic minis aswell 

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