Sunday, March 30, 2014

Making a 251/23 half track using PCS model

Like most gamers I know we manager to over buy model.   Be one that can't find where I put a box of tank, troop and etc.  I just buy more....

  This seems to have been the case with Zevzda Sdfk 222.  We all know there little gems are real bear to put together.  Well a bolt of lighting hit  why not make conversion using the SDFK 222 turret and PCS 251 half track.   The conversion from start to finish took about 45 minutes.  I wish a lot more project would be this easy....

Now for the eye candy so to speak.

 Laying out the turret position was easy.  After glue the new top plate. I made a line by centering on the front and rear MG mounting holes.  Next using the photo I found on line the front of turret just barely touches the front of the drivers cab.
 Next step was to drill a hole in the top plate.  Make sure you use a thick piece of styrene for the top. other wise you will crush the top plate.

 A quick paint job. Using Tamiya paints.  There is some work to still be done. Need to put a few more decals on,  some weathering and equipment to be hung off the sides.

If you have any questions or comments please post them..   Enjoy...  HMMM maybe a 75mm pak in the future... ;)


  1. Thanks John, Something different for late war. Thinking about trying a solo chain of command with a few to these vehicles are support