Thursday, May 23, 2019

Old hobby shop Haunts

Flash back for my friend.   My favorite gaming shops in the Detroit area. Both shops sucked a ton of crash out of

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Pak 75 in use during the Bosnia war.

Here are a few great picture of Pak still in use during the Bosnia war. With British trooper hauling it around.  Something different for your cold war army.

Monday, May 20, 2019

3d Space hunk print

For years I kicked around building a Space Hulk.   The Hulk is just like a D&D dungeon  except it trades off Orks, monsters and skeletons for Aliens.   On 3D terrain facebook page a person posted a photo of his printed Space Hulk. Luck for all STL files are on Thingiverse.   Here is what the prints should look like.

Message from EOE( Blacktree Designs USA)

If you have not gotten your miniatures from EOE ( Black tree Designs). Here is your answer.  Doesn't sound good. I guess one need to be patient with their orders.  Hopefully John will be able to turn thing around.

May 17, 2019

Dear Customers,

I would like to extend my heartfelt apologies for the troubles many of you have suffered with your orders and explain to you why this has happened. This is a very personal communication but I felt you needed the truth so that you would know that there were reasons, rather than excuses, for everything that has happened over the last several months.

At the end of September I was taken to hospital with extensive PEs and a DVT. I had a multitude of tests and was put on medication. I was released and I returned to EOE and started trying to catch up. Unfortunately I was back in hospital 3 weeks later with massive chest pains and I had developed Pleurisy. I was given thoracentesis. Unfortunately, during the CAT Scans it was also discovered that I have a hiatal hernia and a descending aortic aneurysm. I was told to avoid all stress and strain. It is definitely a fact that getting old is shit!

Then early this year my 84-year old Father became very ill. He was admitted into the hospital the middle of February with stage 4 heart failure and was given 2 weeks to live. The Doctors suggested that my Father go to Hospice. He would have none of that and insisted on going to Rehab. Things went well and to the surprise to many of the Doctors and Nurses, he started to improve but it was only temporary. He developed Bronchitis and then Pneumonia and started to go downhill. He passed away on the 1st of May. It has hit me very hard as he was both Father and Best Friend.

Our Customer Service has suffered over the last several months and many of you are upset and angry with us but I want you to know that I am doing everything I can to improve my communications with you and to get caught up concentrating on outstanding orders before I do anything else. I felt it was time for complete honesty with all of you, letting you know that what happened was beyond my control and that I am taking steps to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

As you can imagine, I have a mountain of unanswered emails and I am working thru them. Could I ask that anyone that has an urgent request please email again and I will answer. Please be patient with me as things return to normal and you start to receive your long awaited classic figures. I really want you along for the ride.

Sincerely yours,

John Olsen
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EOE Orbis
P. O. Box 20822
AmarilloTX 79114

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Saturday, May 18, 2019

MMP latest release Red Factories.

This is a monster of a ASL game. It has been out for a few months.  As of late I been kicking around about buying this set.  As you will see in the video there are a few problems with the counters.  One would think at 164 dollars the quality control would be better.  Plus it takes forever to get the game when you pre order.   As MMP seems to be a Ma and Pop company.   Any comments are welcome.  On for the video.

Dark ages Palisade tower

Here is the palisade tower I made about a week ago.  Really like these files from 3D terrain.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Perry Miniature latest releases Zulu war figures

The brothers have been busy again. This time expanding the Zulu range.   Plus a Mark IV Panzer for their WW2 series.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Perry Brother's re-fight the battle of Stoke field 1487

The Battle of Stoke Field, 1487
Our mate Chris Cound was up at the weekend and what better way of celebrating it than by eating, drinking and gaming! The game was held at Michael's house who chose to re-fight Stoke Field, the last real battle of the Wars of the Roses, in which Lambert Simnel (impersonating Edward Plantagenet) was just about the Yorkists last ditch attempt to put their own man (or boy) on the throne. Of the Yorkist force, led by Viscount Lovell and John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln, half were made up from Irish supporters and a good amount of the rest were hired German mercenaries led by Martin Schwartz. King Henry had a bigger army heading Simnel's way with John de Vere, Earl of Oxford in the vanguard. His ward, or division, seems to have been the largest and Henry was happy with him doing most of the work in the opening stages of the battle.
In the game Michael set up the table according to Brooke's 1850's plan of the battle which then realizing it had the two forces the wrong way round went with it. Henry's approach was probably from the SW but the terrain would work this way round as well. The Yorkists were sitting on a shallow hill when the Lancastrians advanced on them in column of division. Also there wasn't enough Irish so Michael increased the number of English household troops that were recruited en route to make up numbers.
Alan played the Yorkists and arrayed his whole army first across the hill with the German division, 'brigade', on the left, Lincoln's household troops to their right and Fitzgerald's Irish divided and placed on the extreme flanks. The cavalry were placed in the centre.
Chris, a staunch Lancastrian, was more than happy be in control of Henry's army joined part way through the game by another mate, Rob Macfarlane, who was given charge of the right half of the force. Initially, Chris could have only one 'brigade', Oxford's, divided in two of four households each, the cavalry and field guns on the battlefield for the first turn. Henry's 'brigade' would need to be diced to come on to the table in the second turn and Jasper Tudor's in the third turn. Chris set up Oxford's stretching across the front of East stoke village with light cavalry on the flanks and heavy cavalry in the centre. Michael umpired and used a slightly adapted Hail Ceasar for the rules.
Chris moved the right half of his force cautiously forward but held back his right facing the Germans hoping for reinforcements the next couple of turns. The Germans were in larger units and could take more casualties and were sitting atop a hill so Chris had planned to out shoot them at long range. The heavy cavalry were kept in reserve. Alan had advanced with the Germans closer to the edge of the hill to get into handgun range and sent out two units of kern and the light cavalry in a wide sweep on the left flank. On the right, the other Irish, including the Gallowglass, invested the farm and covered the far flank. His heavy cavalry stayed put, watching what the opposing cavalry were up to. In the two subsequent turns the Lancastrian reinforcement arrived and Chris pushed forward on the left and handed the right side of the table to Rob who was eager, possibly too eager, to engage. As they advanced they came in archery range and poured arrows on to the nearest of the German blocks and also on Lincoln's household troops. However, Alan was being extremely lucky with his saving dice rolls but Chris and Rob equally bad with their rolling. The Lancastrian cavalry were pushed to the front in the centre intending on a charge as soon as a target presented itself, unfortunately, due to bad dice this didn't happen for two turns. Alan had by then shifted his heavy cavalry round to help the kern and light cavalry on the left flank. The two opposing light cavalry charged knackering both of them but sending Rob's reeling back. Rob's reinforcements of Jasper Tudor moved forward some facing the Irish who were, for some reason, keen on investing the church. Alan's heavy cavalry then charged in to the last Oxford infantry unit in the line breaking them but also shaking the heavy cavalry and in turn breaking the cavalry 'brigade'. The next turn that 'brigade' of Oxford's also broke due to handgun and artillery fire. Rob replenished the line with Jasper Tudor's troops.
On the other flank the Irish Gallowglass never got a chance to charge, being shot up by Oxford's men before they got a chance. The kern, on the other hand, were very irritating with their hit and run tactics and the axe welding kern did charge but were put to flight by arrows. Both sides had individual units sent back by archery only to rejoin the line thee next turn but the Lancastrians were definitely suffering more. Both Henry's 'brigade' and Lincoln's were at the point of breaking but it was Henry's that went first due to archery, javelins and artillery. Chris then saw his chance and at last with a luck dice roll managed to charge his heavy cavalry at a vulnerable infantry unit opposite. The result was seven hits on the infantry but five on the cavalry. This broke both units and both brigades and in turn both armies! The game was at an end, it was a draw. Tactics were good on both sides but Alan had the luckier dice.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

350K hits on the blog.

Pin by Nilu Khan on Smiley faces | Smiley symbols, Smiley ...

Wow I never thought I would get past 200k.  January 2017 I hit 85K in views.  Looks like folks found my blog interesting.  Hope people keep looking around see what is next.   As of late I have been a 3d print craze.  Yesterday I started printing WW2 Normandy buildings. Now I need some way to store them.

Again Thanks for following this blog since 2011.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Found new old stock Sherman tank engine

A resent find of New old stock Sherman tank radial engines.  These engines have been sitting in this barn for years.  There are enough engines to get 15 Sherman tanks running...