Friday, May 26, 2017

Recreation of Saxon, Viking and Romans helmets & clothing

I follow a facebook page that talks about recreating dark ages helmet and clothing.   This is real some amazing recreation. The Helmets just are stunning.   The clothing is a great guide for painting one miniatures.   I think you will agree this inspires one to pick up their brush.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

East German uniforms for Yankee team fans

With the release of the East German army for Yankee team people are wondering what color is the uniform.  Here is what I found on the web.  Great pictures of the uniforms.  SO now get crackin on those troops.

Nice photo of winter camo

Monday, May 22, 2017

War Store... Excellent service. This is why I purchase my miniatures from them!

I can tell this is very true.  My order for some Perry Miniatures has gotten lost in the dark space of the USPS.  The package got as far the Mid Processing and Distribution ctr in NY.   This was way back on the 7th of May.  Next on the track number it shown in transit to destination.  On this date all tracking stopped.  I filed a postal notice for a missing package.  Also took a trip to my local Post office.  Well you can figure it out.   The reply was "Its in the mail...DUH."   Where is it?  Basically the tracking number is useless..   It is a make you feel good deal.

   Now on the Warstore end.   Brianne the Miniatures Goddess came to the rescue.   She just asked me to do a few things to verify the problem.   If the package didn't show to call her.   I did...  Being the Goddess of the Warstore.  Problem fixed the replacement is on the way...   That's it problem fixed...

Package is coming UPS...  The moral is this story.. Make the WarStore your first stop...

Oldsarge approves this message.

Quick Reference unit cards for MWWBK

Found these on another blog "Shed Wars.   Great idea for reference cards.

Link to the excellent "Shed Wars blog":kings-unit-cards

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Oberst Kurt Steiner Character sheet from Easy Eight Enterprises.

Blast from the past.  Character sheet from Easy Eight Enterprises.  Hope to post more soon.  The one I remember was Battlegroup miniature where not the best sculpts.  Some where in the collection of lead I have the Russian assault group.

Friday, May 19, 2017

The dawn attack..

This is what it felt like to the troops.

British patrol attacked at dawn.

Here are some pictures of the surprise attack on the patrol.   The attack was launched at dawn.  All full account of this unwarranted attack can be found here :Duplicity-abounds

One regular unit (yellow) in the middle artillery unit, the far unit tribesmen.

Tribesmens attack and find out the metal of British troops

The enemy is beating back.

At this point the British retreat in good order.  As they had no way to defend against the artillery unit.  The
loses where 1 KIA and two captured do to their wounds.  The overall commander is making plans to recover the 
troops that have been capture.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Exploring the Island of Vectis Neulandia campaign continues. The boat patrol

Having made a the expedition base at the large Port on the west side of the island.  The British forces set forth on exploring the lands by using the rivers.   This decision was made to rapidly explore the land.  Part of the mission was to meet with the local in friendship.  Part of the goal was to set up trading post with the locals.  To sell fine English products like tea and crumpets.

It was hope to find out more about the people.  As from what was found was larges forests of exotic woods.  We British do love fine wood for many things.    Below is a map of the land that was explored by boat.

The expedition reported what they have discovered.

As we sailed up river to a fork the land is lovely rolling grasslands, rich and fertile with many prosperous looking farms and small towns

 The long term goals for the first year of exploration.

Her majesty's  colonial improvements for the Island of Vectis

The Capital
Impressive Embassy to help with local relations. 5pt
Build a Port for the export of products         30pts (On Hold)
Build a furniture factory and mill processing Exotic wood       18pts
trading post  (selling British good and fish & chips) 2pts
create road system to connecting territory         1pt
total   26pts
1 X Elite Sharpshooters  Regular Infantry (Guards)     9pts
1 X Fierce regular Infantry (Highlanders) 7pts
1 x Irregular Infantry (Militia)  Unwilling Irish troops 4pt
1 x Irregular Cavalry ( Volunteers)                 4pts
1 X pom pom gun  well drilled                 6 Pts
total                                  30pts

Grand Total for capital            56 Pts
Build roads in territories to include capital area 4pts
Grand Total 60pts

Future if I last that long and not run out of money
1st Territory  ( year 2)
Resource is Ivory (Other)
create a factory to turn Ivory into exports and local sales 18pts  ( On hold)
Trading post to sell fine India Curry to the locals 2pts    (On Hold)
Fresh water plant to improve the natives Health 5pts    (On Hold)
Government outpost  ( To provide police )          2pts
create telegraph to next territory                 1

2nd Territory (year 2)
Resource Nitrates
create a plant to process  Nitrates                  18pts
Plant products explosive and fertilize 
Barrack  for troop and police                  1pt
create a road to next territory              1pt
trading post  and fish & chip dinner                  2pts
Research station for Nitrates                  18pts

3rd Territory ( future plans)
Resource Natural rubber
Create rubber plantation to harvest the rubber 2pts
create improved farming                2PTS
Outpost  police and troops                5pts
road system                        1pts
research station for new product for rubber        18 pts
Build a church                        ?pts

Build a local governmental office                ?pts

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Battleground by Easy Eight WW2 miniature rules

Not sure how many people remember this game. Let alone if they played it.  It was a awesome game for me. A little role playing , good mechanics just plain fun.  Found a yahoo group that posts on the game.  My intent is post what I can on the game here to see if there is still interest.

History on the game:

From what I recall the rules where written by two guys.  One of them was killed in a accident. That pretty killed that game.  Next the only way to get the game was on a CD.  Lots of people back in the 90's didn't like this change.
Currently available from Syr Hobbs Wargames :Syr Hobbs Battle ground rules

If you have any info or wish to share you experience with the feel free to post.