Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More on my project

Having just finished a regiment of Russian dragoons I come to realize the can't paint as fast as I once did.  These fingers are old stiff and hurt.  Just hold the figures in my hand to paint hurts.   Currently the plan is to paint what is primed.  That is why my only Russian cavalry unit was painted.

The plan was to paint my primed Austrian I bought off a guy on TMP.  Well primed figures where a mess.  They ended up in a jar of simple green soap.  Talk about a great why to remove paint.  After two days of soaking the primer was brushed off with a tooth brush.   All figures where clean in hot water.  Now in the next day of so I will prime them. Being Austrians the plan to is spray paint them with Tamiya Flat white paint.  Put a blue grey wash on them to bring out the details. 

I hope I can get them painted by July, really not sure if I can do it.  On the bench is my IDF that's needs to finished.   A 1/48 T28B Trojan trainer aircraft I need to get done for a IPMS contest in May..    One thing for sure it sucks getting old...

What  Corp I would like to do.

VIII Corps: Général de division Poniatowski

 26th Division: Général de division Kamienecki (5,000)
 Brigade: Général de brigade Sierawski
  1/,2/Vistula Legion Regiment
  1/,2/1st Polish Line Regiment
  1/,2/16th Polish Line Regiment

 Brigade: Général de brigade Malachowski
  1/,2/8th Polish Line Regiment
  1/,2/15th Polish Line Regiment
  1st Polish Foot Battery
  2nd Polish Foot Battery
  3rd Polish Foot Battery

 Brigade: Général de brigade Grabowski
  1/,2/12th Polish Line Regiment
  1/,2/14th Polish Line Regiment
  4th Polish Foot Battery
  1/2 unknown Polish Foot Battery

 27th Light Cavalry Brigade: Général de brigade Uminski
  1/,2/14th Polish Cuirassier Regiment
  1/,2/,3/,4/Krakus Regiment
  5th Polish Foot Battery
  6th Polish Foot Battery
  1 Polish Sapper Company
  Polish Equipage Train Detachment


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