Monday, September 14, 2020

Spammer and headaches

 Unfortunately I can no longer determine who are real folks or spammers.   The only goal of this blog is to past on information about the hobby.  I try to make ever effort to give the authors full credit.  I have email folks not to get answers.  I DO NOT make any money off this blog.  Just my time effort and sweat behind the keyboard.  If the original owner of anything can prove who they are.  I will comply with their wishes.  Everything here is reference only nothing more.   

 I have to fight spammer daily with their porn post, snake oil sale and what ever can to crap they are pushing.  I apology if I give testy some time.

Oldsarge out.


  1. Same here OldSarge, between McAffee and Pakistani escort services I have to filter every comment, it is a pain but real comments would get lost in the rubbish if I didn't so time gets wasted being the filter. If only the "new and improved" Blogger would allow us to place a filter on content that would be great.

  2. Anton with the old blogger I could add a HTML script the would block them out. According to blogger if you mark the spammers as spam. Your blog will be trained to pick up spammers. I'm trying that now.