Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

 First I would like to wish a very Happy Year to the people that follow my blog.   Knowing that I have only 44 follower after 4 years is nice.   My hope was to hit 50,000 view last year but that didn't happen.   Maybe my blog is a little to boring.  :)

  Started a new blog on Aircraft modeling.  The blog started trying to find and add pictures of  the F-4C and D of my old unit the 191st Fighter squadron.  F-4 where an awesome aircraft.  

 Projects up coming this year.  

1. Build some model for the upcoming IPMS nationals in July.
2. Finish up my IDF and Syrian forces for the  6 Day and Yom Kippur wars.
3. Start creating a German, US and Soviet force for the cold war era.  1950-1980
4. Finishing Romans and Carthaginians
5.  Starting working on my Celts, Romano British, Saxons, Viking and ancients.
6. Maybe I can starting painting my 28mm Napoleonic troop.   Lord know I have way to many of      

Need to put my photo work bench together.  This is the main reason for not posting pictures.

Enjoy the New Year.

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