Sunday, January 10, 2016

Spartacon 2016

Check your 6  game

 Spartacon was a lot of fun this year.  The game tables where packed with players.  Being slow to figure out what I wanted to play the tables fill fast.  I manage to get into a Check you 6 game.  Having the game for several years, I never played it.
 The airwar game game can be very technical.  At the same time very realistic.  Tom who was the game master ran us through the basics and we where off.   Having picked P-47s I figured I would be able to do some damage.  But this is where the pilot rate makes or breaks you flight.  My pilots ended up being Zero and a plus1.  Zero equals green as grass rookie.   +1 pilot equals a guy with a few missions under his belt.  It didn't take long that my P 47 couldn't turn, but had some speed. Second fighting a +2 veteran and +3 ace.   I was pretty well toast.  But I did get a lucky engine hits on a +2 FW190.   Shortly after that the ace ... well you can figure out what happened to my flight.

P-51 +2 pilot hit.

Left upper corner fleeing FW-190.  The P-51 pilot in his last few seconds. My P-47 just a flash before it explodes.

Massive early desert war Italians vs the British.  The paint figures and armor are amazing.

A picture of the stat cards for the game.  Not sure of the rule set.

Massive ancients battled

Bolt action Pacfic war battle.  Lots of players yell Banzai later in the game
 Now the large 28mm dreadnought battle.   The playing area was 60 feet by 40 feet.  Had a blast playing this battler.  It was the German Colonial fleet vs the French fleet.  Lots of surprises, drama and stress.   Being a german player we decide to attack the French cruiser.   The four ships race to attack the French Cruiser only to find out is was a battle ship.   How you say ?  When we got hit by 13 guns that out ranged us by 4 feet.    There will be a full account of the battler on Antons blog at a future date.  So won't give into the details.   But I can say the German where lucky to sink the French Battle ship  
The German battle group.  One torpedo boat, a protected cruiser, torpedo cruiser and heavy cruiser.

The French  battleship, heavy cruiser and torpedo cruiser

French fleet advancing

This German gunboat with 13 inch guns turned out to be the hero of the German fleet

The Thor getting hit.  and laughing off the damage

The end of the Thor with the captain leaving the ship.

The badly maul French ships.  The was done by the Panther and Thor.

The final second of the French battle ship sinking below the sea.  The mauled German fleet pulls out a victory.

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