Sunday, January 10, 2016

River wars WW1 rules book

Posting this for my good friend Anton.   This is your type of battles.   After yesterday great Dreadnought battle I figure you might like this rule set.

 River Wars" covers naval engagements on the Danube and other European waters. The supplement includes a host of new rules covering mines and torpedoes, troops on shore, land based features and targets and the riverine environment.  Data tables are included for over thirty new ship and vessel types from the navies of the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Serbia, Romania and Turkey.

River Wars can be had for the price of $2.50 from Wargame Vault.  That is less the price of a gallon of gas or Bar Burger...

Two further supplements are envisaged, one covering riverine actions in the Russian Civil War, the other expanding the campaign settings in Africa.

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