Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Team Yankee M163 VADS and M901 ITV platoon

Just received the Team YankeeM163 VADS and M901 ITV platoon.   I'm impressed! They are the nicest models in 1/100 scale.  I had planned to wait for Khurasan to product the M901ITV.   With the unknown waiting period for some of their coming items I opted for the new Battle front.

 The best part is I have already a lot of unbuild M113 for the IDF.   With these I now can get 4 of each types built.   M163 VADS  I can make a couple for the IDF which received these in 1975.  The others for my cold war army that I'm building...

  On off to the modeling table to built this new toys.

 Scan of the parts

What I what to make.


Above photos are from Dutch modeling site.  


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