Saturday, January 2, 2016

Khurasan IDF never released M-60 & Sh'ot Kal 3 & 5

Like most I have been waiting for Khurasan to release the promised IDF Armor.  They release was to be in Oct of 2013.  At this point I believe that these to armor vehicle will be never released.   This leaves a large hole in my IDF forces.  Wonder what they looked like....   Here they are:
Sh'ot Kal 3

Sh'ot Kal 5

Magach 6/M60

link to the website article:  15mm Isreali IDF Armor


  1. I'm building an M48 Patton tank and will put 18th Brigade markings on it for the 6-Day war - what color/s were used on the tank - thanks

  2. I used a the Sand color for mine. The 73's war would be Sinai Grey. If you look deeper in my Blog I have the mix for tamiya paints. The color are spot on.

  3. Here is the mix.
    33% XF-57
    33% XF-59
    Desert Yellow
    33% XF-20
    Medium Grey